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RAPIDAER™ Endoscope Reprocessor User Training

With the ever-increasing demands on endoscopy services it is vital that staff have a good knowledge and understanding of the equipment they are using, but also that they have ongoing refresher training to keep up to date with new developments in best practice, as well as meeting audit criteria.

If you have chosen Cantel UK for your capital equipment you will have already received thorough training as part of your installation and go-live. We are pleased to offer affordable refresher training should you need it.

Cantel UK have a dedicated and experienced team of Clinical Advisors providing the knowledge, skills and education required to not only ensure that your staff have a good understanding of how the equipment works, but also that the decontamination process is completed safely and in line with government and local standards and policies.

RAPIDAER™ Endoscope Reprocessor User Training includes:

  • An overview of internal and external features
  • Running a cycle and rinse water sample procedure
  • Replenishing chemicals
  • Self-disinfection
  • Housekeeping and documentation
  • Traceability and printouts
  • Alarms and troubleshooting
  • Connector care
  • Administration menu and hospital protocols for staff with the relevant security level

Our expert Clinical Advisors will be happy to tailor the training to the needs of your staff and the department.

Our recommendations:

  • Experience in completing successful training indicates that the training group should contain no more than 5 members of staff per session.
  • Training days are provided as half or full day sessions and are conducted during normal office hours.

Staff will be provided with a training attendance certificate and full Clinical visit report following training sessions.

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*Please note: refresher training is chargeable if you have fully completed all your installation training days.