CANEXIS™ Integrated Workflow Solution

CANEXIS™ Integrated Workflow Solution links data and decision-making to support the efficient operation of your critical hospital departments. The fully integrated functionality brings together differing departmental track and traceability software into one powerful tool and offers seamless integration with your hospital information system. CANEXIS Integrated Workflow Solution was developed in close collaboration with experienced hospital … Continued

CLEANASCOPE™ Transport & Short Term Storage System

The correct transportation of Endoscopes, before or after a procedure is key to ensuring patient and staff safety and well as protecting your valuable assets. Find out how CleanaScope covers all these points as a superior transportation system, adaptable to your needs.

Cleaning Brushes

Is your cleaning brush suitable for the channel diameter? Do you or your colleagues suffer from repetitive strain when using your cleaning brush? Find out why we need a cleaning brush and how we ensure we use the right brush for the right endoscope or accessory.

Bedside Kits

An Endoscope could be covered with up to 10 Billion Micro Organisms per Sq cm post procedure. The Bedside Wash enables the largest reduction in bioburden during the whole decontamination process. Find out why it is considered the most important stage.

Single Use Tubing Set Up

Reusable tubing has been found to still be contaminated up to 92% of the time, even after high level disinfection! Find out why and how Single use alternatives not only simplify and streamline your process, but also protect the patient and improve outcomes.

Irrigation Pumps

Have you had to abandon a Colonoscopy due to poor bowel prep or have you had difficulty with visualisation during a bleeding Upper GI Endoscopy? Find out how our Irrigation pump helps with your challenging endoscopic procedures.

CO2 Insufflation

Using CO2 to insufflate the colon is thought to absorb 150 times quicker than the air from the stack, leading to less pain and discomfort for the patient. Find out how we can improve the patient experience with our CO2 Insufflator.


Whether you are looking for Oesophageal, Biliary, Duodenal, Pyloric or Colorectal stents, we have a vast competitive range with unique features that offers you flexibility and choice. Do you want to find out more?

Single Use Valves & Cleaning Adapter

The British Society of Gastroenterology recently updated their guidelines to say there is an increasing move towards using single use endoscope valves. Do you want to find out how and why Single Use alternatives improve outcomes?

Haemostasis Clips

Endoscopy related complications are very low, however when you do experience a bleed Hemo clips can be the perfect solution. Find out why we would use Hemo clips and how ours will give you the confidence and assurance each time.