Biofilm & Bioburden – what are they?

What is Biofilm and Bioburden and why does it have such a big impact on endoscope reprocessing and how it could lead to patient infections, find out more and what YOU can do to minimise the effects.

Part 2: Infection Prevention Assessment (IPA) 2.0

Usually following IPA 1.0 first. One of our highly trained experienced Account Managers will follow and observe your workflow associated to endoscope reprocessing. They will then supply you with detailed feedback of the findings and be able to offer suggestions and solutions. A session worth having should you be undertaking an external audit soon.

Part 1: Infection Prevention Assessment (IPA)

This session takes you on a journey, following the steps of endoscope decontamination through to the processes to prevent re-contamination and ensure a safe and patient ready endoscope each time. A must for anyone who deals with endoscopes.