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TRANSCOPE™ & STORASCOPE™ Storage & Endoscope Transport Carts

With their easy-to-manoeuvre and highly secure design, the TRANSCOPE™ & STORASCOPE™ Storage and Endoscope Transport Carts protect your valuable equipment during transport to and from the procedure room, and while inventory remains in storage.

The TRANSCOPE™ Cart accommodates 6 trays and is designed to safely and securely transport your clean or contaminated endoscopes and other delicate equipment to and from the decontamination room.

The STORASCOPE™ Cart contains 10 trays and is designed for secure storage of valuable inventory within the decontamination or procedure room.

  • 5” lockable castors for easy manoeuvrability and positioning of carts
  • Locking doors for secure transport and storage
  • Removable trays for easy cleaning

Both the TRANSCOPE™ and STORASCOPE™ Carts are fully compatible with the CLEANASCOPE™ Transport & Short Term Storage System trays & liners and SURESTORE™ Storage System packaged trays.

Ordering information

Product Ref Product Description Number of Trays Tray Style Pack Size NHS Code
103543 TRANSCOPE Cart with 6 Standard Trays 6 Standard 1 FAL18452
103544 TRANSCOPE Cart with 6 Standard Trays and Lids 6 Standard 1 FAL18515
103551 TRANSCOPE Cart with 6 Contoured Trays 6 Contoured 1 FAL18453
103555 TRANSCOPE Cart without Trays 0 N/A 1 FAL18516
103547 - 10 Standard 1 FAL14159
103553 - 10 Contoured 1 FAL18454
103556 - 0 N/A 1 FAL18518

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