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Stainless Steel Packing Tables

Made in the UK by Neocare using EU certified austenitic 316-grade stainless steel, the Packing Tables are suitable for manually packing or loading instruments and are ergonomically designed to reduce operator strain.

Features of the Packing Table
  • Anti-bacterial feet
  • Anti-microbial powder coat available for light use units
  • Can be fabricated to the size and layout you require
  • Lower shelves and rear up stand available
  • Fixed height or height adjustable options available
  • Wheeled option with stainless steel wheel housing available

Ordering information

Product Ref Product Description Pack Size NHS Code
TABLE Fixed Height Packing Table 1 -
TABLEW Fixed Height Packing Table on Wheels 1 -
TABLEHA Height Adjustable Packing Table 1 -
TABLEHAW Height Adjustable Packing Table on Wheels 1 -

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