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RAPIDAER™ Endoscope Reprocessor

The RAPIDAER™ Automated Endoscope Reprocessor offers the highest standards of reliability, productivity and flexibility. RAPIDAER Endoscope Reprocessor offers a totally flexible solution to suit all sizes of endoscopy department and uses the latest modular construction methods to produce the fastest and smallest pass-through washer disinfector on the market.

With its quick cycle time (3 cycles per hour), external scope loading, 95% uptime guarantee and compact footprint, the RAPIDAER Endoscope Reprocessor is the fastest way to increase productivity.

Through the single basin design, proven standard components and with 95% of components accessible from the loading side, RAPIDAER Endoscope Reprocessor is the simplest way to ensure reliability.

The RAPIDAER Endoscope Reprocessor guarantees security through intelligent solutions, such as complete traceability through the latest RFID technology, automated daily thermal self-disinfection cycle and full compliance with HTM 01-06 and EN 15883.

Features of RAPIDAER™ Endoscope Reprocessor
  • 3 cycles per hour (3 lumen scopes/12 non lumen scopes)
  • Single bay for maximum flexibility
  • Footprint less than 0.7m2 to accommodate small room size
  • Full compliance with HTM 01-06 and EN 15883
  • RFID technology incorporated to provide comprehensive data storage, analysis, and recording function for each cycle
  • Scopes are loaded outside the chamber for increased productivity and reduced operator strain
  • Hands-free loading and unloading
  • Foot petal cycle operation start
  • Automated daily thermal self-disinfection cycle

* The RAPIDAER™ Endoscope Reprocessor is not available in France, Germany and the US.


RAPIDAER™ Endoscope Reprocessor

Ordering information

Product Ref Product Description Pack Size NHS Code
LA-RAPID RAPIDAER Endoscope Reprocessor 1 -
ML02-0147 RAPICIDE High-Level Disinfectant Part A 5L 2 -
ML02-0148 RAPICIDE High-Level Disinfectant Part B 5L 2 -
ML02-0159 INTERCEPT PLUS Detergent 5L 2 -
795732 Printer Paper (20 rolls) 1 -
LA-ASIST1 Scope Tags 10 -
LA-ASGNT3 Operator Tags 10 -
LA-ASGSO Silicone Oil 2 -
304008A Silent Compressor 1 -
304014 Standard Compressor 1 -
LA-RA020 Load Carrier 1 -
LA-RAH202 Hook Up - Olympus 202 1 -
LA-RAH207 Hook Up - Olympus 207 1 -
LA-RAH217 Hook Up - Olympus 217 1 -
LA-RAH218 Hook Up - Olympus 218 1 -
LA-RAH219 Hook Up - Olympus 219 1 -
LA-RAH282 Hook Up - Storz 282 1 -
LA-RAHPEN Hook Up - Pentax 1 -
LA-RAHFUJ Hook Up - Fujifilm 1 -
LA-RAHOTH Hook Up - Other 1 -
PU43812 Olympus Channel Separator 1 -
2KWT14/RA Olympus Water Port Connector 1 -

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