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RAPICIDE™ PA High-Level Disinfectant

RAPICIDE™ PA High-Level Disinfectant is a single-use, peracetic acid-based solution designed for use in the RAPIDAER Endoscope Reprocessor. It is used at room temperature and is environmentally responsible with no neutralisation issues.

Features of RAPICIDE™ PA High-Level Disinfectant
  • High-Level Disinfection Claim: 5 minutes at room temperature (20°C)
  • Rapicide PA is compliant with testing methodologies according to EN 14885
  • Proven endoscope compatibility; low HLD temperature specifically designed for endoscope materials
  • Single-use chemistry; aldehyde-free
  • Environmentally responsible – breaks down into water and vinegar
  • Minimum recommended concentration (MRC) is 850ppm of PAA
  • Effectively kills TB, hepatitis viruses, Clostridium difficile, VRE and MRSA

Ordering information

Product Ref Product Description Pack Size NHS Code
ML020147 RAPICIDE High-Level Disinfectant Part A 5L 2 -
ML020148 RAPICIDE High-Level Disinfectant Part B 5L 2 -

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