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PULL THRU™ Cleaning Device

The PULL THRU™ Cleaning Brush is a patented endoscope’s channel cleaning device used during manual cleaning. This brush can be effectively used to clean lumen channels from size 2.8mm to 5mm with a single pass. The PULL THRU™ Cleaning Brush was designed to significantly reduce the time required to manually clean the lumen and to improve the overall efficiency of the manual cleaning process.

Proven Elastomer Technology provides faster cleaning power in a time saving, single pass:

  • Elastomer disk technology creates a 360° channel seal
  • Removes 96% of soil in a single pass
  • The PULL THRU Cleaning Device is non-abrasive and non-damaging to endoscope channels
  • The leader end is inserted in the channel first with the plastic disks following behind
  • Circumferential seal of PULL THRU Cleaning Device creates a suction which pulls detergent into the channel

* Pull-Thru is only available for sale in Germany, BeNeLux and Italy.


PULL THRU™ Cleaning Device

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