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NEUTRA-FLUSH™+ Endoscope Channel Cleanser

NEUTRA-FLUSH™+ Cleanser is a convenient, space saving pre-cleaning kit containing a neutral, low foaming detergent cleanser. Designed for the initial flush and wipe of an endoscope at the bedside, NEUTRA-FLUSH+ Cleanser is ready to use… just add water!

  • Non-enzymatic
  • Contains surfactants
  • Available in 250ml or 500ml
  • Flat or scope shaped sponge options available
  • Stable pot will not fall over when suctioning the detergent
  • Clear sides so you can see how much detergent has been used

Ordering information

Product Ref Product Description Contents Size Pack Size NHS Code
100848 Neutra-Flush+ Scope Shaped Sponge 250ml 100 FAL13607
100849 Neutra-Flush+ Scope Shaped Sponge 500ml 100 FAL13608
100850 Neutra-Flush+ Flat Sponge 250ml 100 FAL14134
100851 Neutra-Flush+ Flat Sponge 500ml 100 FAL14135
100288 - Individual Flat Sponge only - 100 -
105026 - Scope Shaped Sponge only - 75 -

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