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Metal Stents

Our range includes stents for Oesophageal, Biliary, Duodenal/Pyloric and Colo-rectal.


  • Non-irritating ends
  • Segmental compression
  • Less shortening
  • Re-positionable
  • Flare ends & partial covering for migration reductions
  • Silicone covering
  • Covered & Non Covered versions available
  • M-Hilar stents
    • Placement for Hilar Cholangiocarcinoma
    • Stent-in-Stent technique
    • Uniquely designed center radiopaque marks
    • Second intervention possible
    • Small Cavities
    • Flexibility
    • Optimal radial force

Ordering information

Product Ref Product Type Diameter Length Covered Additional Features Pack Size NHS Code
BE1806 Oesophageal 18mm 60mm Yes Includes Retrieval Lasso 1 -
BE1808 Oesophageal 18mm 80mm Yes Includes Retrieval Lasso 1 FAL7006
BE1810 Oesophageal 18mm 100mm Yes Includes Retrieval Lasso 1 FAL7007
BE1812 Oesophageal 18mm 120mm Yes Includes Retrieval Lasso 1 FAL7008
BE1814 Oesophageal 18mm 140mm Yes Includes Retrieval Lasso 1 FAL7009
BE1816 Oesophageal 18mm 160mm Yes Includes Retrieval Lasso 1 FAL21324
BCC221023 Colo-rectal 22mm 120mm Yes - 1 FAL7024
BCC221023 Colo-rectal 22mm 120mm Yes - 1 FAL12880
BCC221423 Colo-rectal 22mm 140mm Yes - 1 FAL7025
BC240823 Colo-rectal 24mm 80mm No - 1 FAL12876
BC241023 Colo-rectal 24mm 100mm No - 1 FAL7022
BC241223 Colo-rectal 24mm 120mm No - 1 -
BC241423 Colo-rectal 24mm 140mm No - 1 FAL7023
BPC200818 Duodenal/Pyloric 20mm 80mm Yes - 1 FAL7018
BPC201018 Duodenal/Pyloric 20mm 100mm Yes - 1 FAL12891
BPC201218 Duodenal/Pyloric 20mm 120mm Yes - 1 FAL7019
BP200818 Duodenal/Pyloric 20mm 80mm No - 1 FAL7016
BP201018 Duodenal/Pyloric 20mm 100mm No - 1 FBE13068
BP201218 Duodenal/Pyloric 20mm 120mm No - 1 FAL7017

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