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Mediwrap™ High Protection Products

Mediwrap is an innovative highly thermally efficient textile that minimises all four forms of heat loss – conduction, convection, evaporation and radiation. The Mediwrap textile is soft and comfortable on the inside while being water resistant and draft proof on the outside, it is also latex free and X-ray radiolucent. As a passive warming system Mediwrap can be used anywhere. The Mediwrap textile can be cut to allow easy and direct access to the patient and the specific operative field, whilst maintaining patient warmth.

The Mediwrap products are widely used by Emergency Services in casualty retrieval and stabilisation prior to hospital treatment.


  • Single Patient Use
  • Soft & Comfortable Inner Lining
  • No External Cables or Heat Source Required
  • Invisible to X-Rays
  • Absorbent Inner Material (up to 1.5L of body fluid)
  • Cost Effective Alternative to Forced Air Warming
  • Lightweight & Easy to Store
  • Highly Thermally Retentive
  • Non Conductive & Non Linting


Ordering information

Product Ref Product Description Size Pack Size NHS Code
MW1002 Mediwrap Adult High Protection Thermal Blanket 200 x 120cm 50 EVX194
MW4002 Vacuum Packed Mediwrap Adult High Protection Thermal Blanket 200 x 120cm 50 -
MW1004 Mediwrap Emergency High Protection Thermal Sleeping Bag 210 x 87cm 25 -
MW1006 Mediwrap Baby Thermal Wrap 60 x 60cm 60 EVX248
MW1007 Disposable Barrier Bedding Stretcher Pack - 50 EVX251
MW1009 Disposable Ambulance Pack (Mediwrap Blanket, Sheet, Pillowcase, Clinical Waste Bag) - 25 EVX031
MW1014 Disposable Barrier Sheet 200 x 80cm 50 -
MW1015 Disposable Barrier Pillow Case 68 x 51cm 100 -
MW1018 Mediwrap Child High Protection Thermal Blanket 150 x 120cm 50 -
MW1026 Adult Critical Care Thermal Wrap 200 x 120cm 10 EVX247
MW1042 Mediwrap Perioperative Thermal Caps - 200 EVX250
MW1043 Mediwrap Adult High Protection Thermal Procedure Blanket 200 x 120cm 50 -
MW1046 Ambuwrap Hooded Thermal Wrap 163 x 87cm 35 EVX246
MW1047 Mediwrap Large high protection ambulance blanket 200 x 150cm 50 -
MW1048 Mediwrap Perioperative Thermal Leggings 103 x 47cm 50 EVX249
MW1091 Standard Procedure Pack (Adult Blanket + Cap) - 50 EVX376

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