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VERISCAN™ LT Leak Detection System

Proven to drive down endoscope repair costs; detects endoscope leaks early when repairs are still minor and less costly.

The VERISCAN LTLeak Detection System detects endoscope leaks with high accuracy. It detects leaks automatically, early to drive down repair costs and lowers the risk of cross-contamination.

All test results are documented which ensures compliance with endoscope leak test protocols. The test data is easily exportable to a PC for Microsoft® Excel® based reporting. VERISCAN LT System is compatible with all flexible endoscopes and ensures best practice in endoscope leak detection.

System includes user’s choice of one: PENTAX, FUJIFILM, OLYMPUS or KARL STORZ installation kit.

  • Detect leaks with 99% accuracy
  • Lowers cross-contamination risk due to undetected leaks
  • Detects endoscope leaks early, when repairs are minor and less costly
  • Unsurpassed leak detection compared to visual observation methods
  • Dry endoscope leak test
  • No fluid submersion required
  • Utilizes highly sensitive, innovative leak sensing technology
  • Compatible with all flexible endoscopes
  • Simple to operate
  • Ensures compliance with endoscope leak test protocols
  • Provides consistent, repeatable endoscope leak testing
  • Printed confirmation of leak test results


VERISCAN™ LT Leak Detection System

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