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INTERCEPT™ Detergent

INTERCEPT Detergent is a unique surfactant based, formulation specifically developed for manual or automated cleaning of endoscopes, surgical instruments, and accessories. The concentrated solution has a fast contact time and low use concentration to save your facility time and money. INTERCEPT Detergent meets European Guidelines for effective manual cleaning.

  • Validated to provide superior removal of biological and organic soils found on instruments
  • Effectively aids in the removal of biofilm
  • Low foaming and neutral pH formulation is tough on organic soils, while safe on instruments
  • Cost-effective, concentrated formula reduces per-use costs
  • Fast contact time, 1-3 minutes, increases reprocessing efficiencies
  • Environmentally responsible and biodegradable chemistry

Ordering information

Product Ref Size Pack Size NHS Code
ML020134 3.8L 4 FAL18533

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