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ERCP Cannulas

Disposable ERCP Cannulas


  • Single Lumen design accepts 0.035″ guidewire for ease of use
  • The special design allows the tip to be curved towards the common bile
  • Visual distal markers aid awareness of depth of cannulation
  • Tapered, bottle neck and standard tip options

Ordering information

Product Ref Product Description Pack Size NHS Code
CAN1-A3-18-200-35 ERCP standard cannula 10 FAL1657
CAN1-A5-18-200-35 ERCP standard metal tip cannula 10 FAL11001
CAN1-A6-18-200-35 ERCP tapered metal tip cannula 10 -
CAN1-B3-18-200-35 ERCP tapered tip cannula 10 FAL1659
CAN1-D5-18-200-35 ERCP bottled tip cannula 10 FAL1660

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