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EDC Endoscope Drying Cabinet

The EDC Endoscope Drying Cabinet delivers unrivalled performance, reliability and efficiency for your facility. Fully compliant with the relevant parts of BS EN 16442 for endoscope drying cabinets, the EDC Endoscope Drying Cabinet ensures your scopes are dry within 3 hours and can be safely stored for up to 31 days, covering weekends and holiday periods. The EDC Endoscope Drying Cabinet also comes with complete traceability, networking, and internal compressor included as standard.

Features of EDC Endoscope Drying Cabinet
  • Fully compliant with the relevant parts of BS EN 16442 for endoscope drying cabinets
  • Dual filtered air maintains positive cabinet pressure
  • Clear toughened glass doors allow easy scope recognition
  • Secure mounting for scope control section and lightguide plug
  • Advanced fully Independent Monitoring System (IMS)
  • HEPA filtered and dehumidified air delivered to each scope channel
  • Guaranteed dry scopes within 3 hours
  • Temperature and humidity monitoring within the cabinet
  • Offers full traceability
  • Extended storage time (up to 31 days) to cover holiday periods
  • Stores up to 10 full size endoscopes

Ordering information

Product Ref Product Description Pack Size NHS Code
LAEDC10T2 EDC Endoscope Drying Cabinet 1 -
LAESCHA Colonoscope Hanger 1 -
795732 Printer Paper (20 rolls) 1 -
LAASIST1 Scope Tags 10 -
LAASGNT3 Operator Tags 10 -
LAASGSO Silicone Oil 2 -
2KCP14 Olympus Channel Separator 1 -
2KWA12ESC Olympus Aux Water Connector 1 -
2KWT14ESC Olympus Water Port Connector 1 -

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