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Detergent & Decontaminant products

Cantel offers a wide range of detergent & decontaminant products. After bedside cleaning the manual cleaning step is crucial for effective high-level disinfection of endoscopes. Our manual cleaning detergent & decontaminant solutions are created with optimal hygiene results, patient safety and user ergonomics in mind. Our manual cleaning solutions include:

  • Detergents to provide superior cleaning and removal of organic and not organic soil only
  • Decontaminants (Detergent & Disinfectant) to provide both superior cleaning and disinfection. Active on Biofilm (class IIb)
  • Fully validated range of product designed with a variety of active ingredients such as Alkaline solutions, Enzymes, Surfactants, Rince Aids, suiting your application, to achieve superior results

Cantel's Manual cleaning Products are designed to comply European hygiene standards (EN 14885 when applicable) and International Guidelines: ” Manual cleaning of endoscopes is necessary immediately after removing the endoscope from the patient and prior to automated or manual disinfection. This is the first and most important step in removing the microbial burden from an endoscope. Retained debris may inactivate or interfere with the capability of the High Level disinfectant to effectively kill and/or inactivate the microorganism ”  ESGE – ESGENA 2018.

If you wish to receive the products documentation (IFU, SDS, TDS, etc.), please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

INTERCEPT Detergent is a unique surfactant based, formulation specifically developed for manual or automated cleaning of endoscopes, surgical instruments, and accessories. The concentrated solution has a fast contact time and low use concentration to save your facility time and money. INTERCEPT Detergent meets European Guidelines for effective manual cleaning.


  • Validated to provide superior removal of biological and organic soils found on instruments
  • Effectively aids in the removal of biofilm (literature available)
  • Low foaming and neutral pH formulation is tough on organic soils, while safe on instruments
  • Cost-effective, concentrated formula reduces per-use costs
  • Fast contact time, 1-3 minutes, increases reprocessing efficiencies
  • Environmentally responsible and biodegradable chemistry

PROTEAZONE™ Detergent is a concentrated decontaminating solution with a balanced formulation. It is specifically active for the elimination of microbial biofilm in invasive and non-invasive medical devices.


  • Application: Cleaning and Decontamination of endoscopes and surgical instruments. Tested and compatible with medical device construction materials
  • Fully compatible with PAA (no acid-based reaction expected)
  • Ingredients: Surfactants and 4 Enzymes
  • pH Neutral
  • Active on bacteria, viruses and fungi
  • Class IIb
  • Dosing: 0.25%, contact time: 5min
  • Safe for operators
  • Works at room temperature and low foam long lasting
  • Packaging: bottle of 1000 ml

NEO PROTEOZIM™ PLUS 500 Cleaner is a disinfectant, decontaminant and detergent with 4 enzymes. It is used for the manual procedures and ultrasonic baths of invasive and not invasive medical devices in hospital, nursing homes, dental clinic. NEO PROTEOZIM™ PLUS 500 Cleaner is suitable for decontamination of dirty instruments, immediately after use, cleaning and disinfection of laparoscopes, arthroscopes, gastroscopes and other critical and semi-critical medical devices.


  • Formula ingredients: Enzymes, cationic and non-ionic surfactants, stabilizers
  • Detergent with bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal activity
  • Contact time: 10 min., dilution 1:500 (10 ml in 5 L of water). If used in ultrasonic tanks the contact time is 5 minutes
  • Packaging: bottle of 1000 ml

PROTEOZIM™ PLUS 400 is a concentrated detergent solution with ENZYMES, SURFACTANT and ADAZONE™ Molecule. It is specific for the soil removal from invasive and not invasive medical equipment. PROTEOZIM™ PLUS 400 Cleaner is suitable for the cleaning of instruments, equipment, endoscopes and medical devices. The product can be used in ultrasound baths, immediately after use, cleaning of laparoscopes, arthroscopes, gastroscopes and other critical and semi-critical devices.


  • Composition: Adazone, 4 enzymes mixture, surfactants and purified water
  • Dissolves and removes blood and proteins.
  • Contact time: 10 min., dilution 1:400 (0,25%, 2,5 ml in 1 L of water).
  • Soak the instrument for 10 minutes then rinse and dry
  • Packaging: bottle of 1000 ml

SPORIDOX™ PLUS Cleaner-decontaminant is a disinfectant based on active oxygen and peracetic acid. This product is made for the decontamination and cleaning of medical and surgical instruments and medical devices.


  • Composition: Sodium percarbonate, enzymes, anionic surfactants, antioxidants
  • Solution with tuberculocidal, bactericidal, virucidal, fungicidal action
  • Contact times: 10 min at 1% concentration for decontamination and cleansing (primary disinfection) / 30 min at 2% concentration for high-level disinfection and simultaneous cleaning
  • Packaging: recipient of 1000 g + measuring spoon for 20 g

The BACTRYL™ Spray & Wipes provide both cleaning and disinfection of general surfaces, instruments and Medical devices (dental cheers, cabinets, endoscopes, etc.). BACTRYL™ Disinfectant is a superior product; it is a class IIb medical device and hence can be used on invasive and non-invasive medical devices. The BACTRYL™ Disinfectant Spray & Wipes have a broad spectrum of activity, in everyday usage: fungicidal, mycobactericidal, virucidal, yesticidal and bactericidal. It reduces biofilm and is fully compatible with all surfaces and medical devices.


  • Ready-to-use cleaning and disinfecting solution
  • User friendly and safe for operators
  • Resistant wipe
  • Fully validated and compliant to EN 14885 and VAH, DVV (validation available, registration in progress)
  • Very fast contact time for disinfection starting at 30’’
  • Large spectrum of microbiological activity
  • Easy to wipe liquid with bacteriostatic activity
  • Resistant wipes with wetting level designed to maximize surface coverage.
  • Packaging: available in two formats: spray bottle 1000 ml and tube with 110 wipes

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