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The CLEANASCOPE Sterile Liner Set is a 3-part process which offers a protected environment for the disinfected scope. The green and red colour coded liner covers provide clear identification of ‘Clean’ and ‘Contaminated’ equipment.

“The liner system is one of the most important reasons why many facilities are adopting the CLEANASCOPE™ System – the colour coded liners take the guesswork out of endoscope reprocessing” 1

  1. Libby Thomson, former Lead Nurse, Bowel Cancer Screening Centre and Nurse Endoscopist



Ordering information

Product Ref Product Description Additional Features Pack Size NHS Code
103580 CLEANASCOPE Sterile Liner Set - 200 FAL12799
103604 CLEANASCOPE Liner Wall Dispenser Holds approx. 75 CLEANASCOPE Liners, fixings not included 1 -

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