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CHEMSTORE Chemical Storage Cabinet

CHEMSTORE Chemical Storage Cabinet ensures the safe and secure storage of your AER chemistry whilst also providing spill containment for maximum safety and fume containment for operator comfort.

Features of CHEMSTORE Chemical Storage Cabinet


  • Spill containment shelving for maximum safety
  • Shelves designed to efficiently wick away any spilled chemicals
  • Separate storage of Peracetic Acid parts A and B
  • Concealed drip trays for containment of spilled chemicals
  • Separate drip trays for spillages of Peracetic Acid parts A and B
  • Fume containment via specifically impregnated carbon filter


  • Lockable door
  • Drip trays contained behind locked panel
  • Low airflow alarm in event of blockage or obstruction


  • Capacity for 36 bottles of Cantel PA, parts A and B
  • 4 shelves, 3 height adjustable for maximum flexibility
  • Removable trays for easy cleaning
  • Low voltage LED strip lighting
  • Minimal service and maintenance requirements
  • Toughened glass doors for easy identification of contents
COSHH & HSE Guidelines

COSHH Guideline 2002 and associated HSE documents recommend the following for safe storage of your chemicals:

  • Segregate chemicals that might react together
  • Contain spills from burst containers
  • Keep the store area well ventilated
  • Keep a spill clean up kit nearby
  • Dont store far more than you need

CHEMSTORE Chemical Storage Cabinet is compliant with COSHH & HSE Guidelines.

Ordering information

Product Ref Product Description Pack Size NHS Code
LACSC2 CHEMSTORE Chemical Storage Cabinet 1 -
CSCOM CHEMSTORE Installation & Commissioning 1 -

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