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CANEXIS™ Surgical Solution

The Operating Room is one of the most important and most complex departments inside the hospital, requiring an adjusted logistical organization and planning. Keeping the OR ward up and running is a challenging task. This represents an important cost for the hospital with regard to available resources such as: time, people and materials.

This necessary increase in efficiency with respect to management, planning and logistics will only be attainable if the hospitals tools are optimised to support this. CANEXIS™ Surgical Solution, is the complete management for the OR department offering the necessary functionality to cope with this task from A to Z.

CANEXIS™ Surgical Solution is a part of the CANEXIS Integrated Workflow Solution and has a seamless integration with the CANEXIS™ Sterilisation Solution. CANEXIS™ Surgical Solution includes:

  • OR Planning
  • Logistics Support
  • Registration
  • Integrated Procedure Documentation
  • Single-Use Product Tracking
  • Real-Time Department Monitoring
  • Reporting

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