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CANEXIS™ Sterilisation Solution

The ever rising numbers, complexity and price of the numerous instruments, circulating inside the hospital, as well as the increasing variation of maintenance and sterilisation procedures, have made the ‘traceability’ issue one of the major topics in hospital quality management these days.

CANEXIS™ Sterilisation Solution gives you all the tools necessary for the complete management for your central sterile services department.

With the variation and complexity of surgical instruments, traceability and quality management are a key concern for hospitals. The CANEXIS™ Sterilisation Solution offers a modular suite of applications to support proactive management and planning for this critical hospital department.

  • Track & Trace
  • Process Guidance and Monitoring
  • Cycle Documentation
  • Resource Management
  • Loan Equipment Management
  • Reporting
  • Synchronization with Operating Rooms
  • Compatible with different Brands of Disinfection Machines and Sterilisers

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