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Biliary Metal Stents

Our range of Biliary stents includes covered and non-covered versions


  • Optimal radial force with lineal flexibility
  • Covered & Non Covered versions available
  • Optimal Returning Force
  • Non-irritating ends
  • Reduced shortening
  • Re-positionable
  • Flare ends & partial covering to restrict migration
  • Silicone covering

Ordering information

Product Ref Diameter Length Covered Additional Features Pack Size NHS Code
BB100618 10mm 60mm No - 1 FAL7010
BB100818 10mm 80mm No - 1 FAL7011
BB101018 10mm 100mm No - 1 FBE12918
BBC100418 10mm 40mm Yes - 1 FAL12872
BBC100618 10mm 60mm Yes - 1 FAL7012
BBC100818 10mm 80mm Yes - 1 FAL7013
BBL100618 10mm 60mm Yes Includes Retrieval Lasso 1 FBE12919
BBL100818 10mm 80mm Yes Includes Retrieval Lasso 1 FBE12920
BBL101018 10mm 100mm Yes Includes Retrieval Lasso 1 FBE12921

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