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Dilatation Balloons

Dilatation Balloons available in a range of Balloon diameters


  • Accurate Linear Dilatation
  • Atraumatic Tip
  • Highly Stable Catheter Shaft
  • Clear radiological visibility

Ordering information

Product Ref Product Description Product Type Diameter Length Pack Size NHS Code
DIL1-A112602335 Dilatation Balloon Oesophageal 12mm 60mm 2 FAL12899
DIL1-A114602335 Dilatation Balloon Oesophageal 14mm 60mm 2 FAL12900
DIL1-A116602335 Dilatation Balloon Oesophageal 16mm 60mm 2 FAL12901
DIL1-A118602335 Dilatation Balloon Oesophageal 18mm 60mm 2 FAL12902
DIL1-A120602335 Dilatation Balloon Oesophageal 20mm 60mm 2 FAL12903
DIL1-A106402335 Dilatation Balloon Biliary 6mm 40mm 2 FAL12896
DIL1-A108402335 Dilatation Balloon Biliary 8mm 40mm 2 FAL12897
DIL1-A110402335 Dilatation Balloon Biliary 10mm 40mm 2 FAL12898
DIL1-B1-60 Insufflation Manometer - - - 2 FAL12904

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