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ADVANTAGE PLUS™ Pass-Thru Endoscope Reprocessor

With his ADVANTAGE PLUS Pass-Thru Reprocessor, Cantel offers a unique reprocessing system. It fully integrates the highest standards in infection prevention and control with protection and security for flexible endoscope management.

The ADVANTAGE PLUS Pass-Thru Reprocessor, built upon the proven ADVANTAGE PLUS Reprocessor platform, answers to the highest requirements of endoscopy units and “Centres of Excellence” worldwide. With its pass-thru capability and integrated smart technology for fast, asynchronous reprocessing utilizing touch-free operation and reduced scope handling: It allows the reprocessing of 4-5 scopes in just over one hour.

Its unique modular design, speed and efficient endoscope reprocessing turnover makes the ADVANTAGE PLUS Pass-Thru Reprocessor the solution of choice for high volume facilities with possible future growth potential. The ADVANTAGE PLUS Pass-Thru Reprocessor complies to EN ISO 15883-1/-4/-5.

Advantage Plus Pass-Thru concept
Intuitive Design

The physical separation of the clean and dirty environments within an endoscope reprocessing area is a globally recognized infection prevention best practice. Therefore, it can decrease the risk of human error, distraction and unintended lapses, which can result in the recontamination of reprocessed endoscopes.

Trusted Technology

The ADVANTAGE PLUS Pass-Thru AER leverages the proven technology of the industry-leading ADVANTAGE PLUS AER to deliver consistently high-level disinfection to support your infection prevention efforts.

Efficient Workflow

The ADVANTAGE PLUS Pass-Thru AER standardizes a unidirectional workflow. Hence, it improves department efficiency by supporting a consistent and repeatable reprocessing procedure for endoscopes, which helps reduce human error in endoscope reprocessing. Furthermore, the basket supporting the endoscope can be used in the ENDODRY™ Drying & Storage Cabinet and the CLEANASCOPE™ Transport System for an optimal workflow.

Reliable Outcomes

The ADVANTAGE PLUS Pass-Thru AER improves adherence to established industry guidelines for disinfection. It has been clinically proven to high-level disinfect a wide variety of the most commonly used endoscopes.


ADVANTAGE PLUS™ Pass-Thru Endoscope Reprocessor

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