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ADASPOR™ High-Level Disinfectant

The ADASPOR™ High-Level Disinfectant range is peracetic acid-based and designed for use with flexible endoscopes and accessories.

ADASPOR Single Shot is a two-part concentrated high-level disinfecting solution used to disinfect endoscopes and medical devices in Cantel AERs that work with single-use chemistries.

Features of ADASPOR™ High-Level Disinfectant
  • Sporicidal and High Level Disinfectant in 5 minutes at room temperature
  • Room temperature disinfectant
  • Microbiological properties and activities in compliance with EN ISO 14937 – EN ISO 14885.
  • Single shot (SS) and ready to use (RTU) solutions available

Ordering information

Product Ref Product Description AER Pack Size NHS Code
500166 ADASPOR Single Shot 10L MDS 2 -
500148 ADASPOR Ready to Use 5L MDS 1 -
500163 ADASPOR Part A 5L ISIS 2 -
500164 ADASPOR Part B 5L ISIS 2 -

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