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CLEANASCOPE™ Transport & Short Term Storage System

CLEANASCOPE™ Transport & Short Term Storage System The CLEANASCOPE™ Transport and Short Term Storage System protects your endoscopes and other delicate equipment by minimising direct handling and reducing contact with airborne contaminants during transport and short-term storage. Its patented design creates a protective environment for each disinfected scope. Green (clean) and red (contaminated) colour-coded liners … Continued

INNOVA™ E3s Reprocessor

INNOVA™ E3s AER at a glance: Complies with EN ISO 15883-1/-4/-5 standards and RKI guidelines (e.g. by thermal disinfection of the final rinse water in machines with boilers), VDE/IEC, EMV, DVGW, MDD, CE-0297 Can be flexibly deployed alongside another INNOVA™ E2s AER or INNOVA™ E3 AER to accommodate 30 to 40 treatments each day Operates … Continued

Surface Cleaning and Disinfection

Our solutions for the manual cleaning of your endoscopes:

Detergents & Decontaminants

Bedside Cleaning & Disinfection

Each bedside kit comes with a liquid detergent solution, single-use container to flush the endoscope channel and with a sponge. For this application we offer both ready-to-use solutions, sachets or wipes. Cantel bedside’s kit products are compatible with the constructive material of endoscopes. The ESGENA recommends1 ” Bedside cleaning of the endoscope should start immediately … Continued

Detergents & High-Level Disinfectants

Cantel attention, commitment and investment in chemistry/system integrated validations delivers safety and value to our clients. To achieve a successful reprocessing and guarantee safety for operators and patients. It is truly critical that the Detergent and High-Level Disinfectants products are tested in combination with the endoscope automated reprocessors. This is the only way to guarantee … Continued

VALVE BASKET™ Single Use Valve Basket

ENDODRY™ Storage and Drying System

NEW DESIGN, EASIER USABILITY – THE CASSETTE SYSTEM Designed specifically for use with ADVANTAGE PLUSTM Pass-Thru Reprocessor and ENDODRY™ Storage & Drying System: Cassettes now made from biocompatible polypropylene: even lighter and easier to use Hookup cassette is transported from reprocessor and inserts directly into shelf ventilation port – one simple connection; maximizes efficiency and … Continued

TRANSCOPE™ & STORASCOPE™ Storage & Endoscope Transport