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Product code change notification


All special characters included in current Cantel product codes are no longer required and there are also some minor changes to Cantel part numbers, as part of the change to STERIS Solutions Limited.  Attached is a list of Cantel product code changes and please ensure you use the correct product codes to ensure you orders are not delayed.

There may be some other service and Capital parts, however this should be covered by special characters are no longer required.

Existing Product Code NEW Product Code
002-182-0400 0021820400
002-182-0420 0021820420
002-182-0440 0021820440
100514 SS100514
100602 SS100602
100606 SS100606
100626 SS100626
100696 SS100696
100713 SS100713
100714 SS100714
100716 SS100716
100717 SS100717
100790 100790GNE
100791 100791GNA
100792 100792GNB
100793 100793GNC
100794 100794GND
100816 100816FV
100816-TM 100816TM
105020-BG 105020BG
105032-M 105032M
700344 SS700344
AF-D2423DG AFD2423DG
AG-5011-1812 AG50111812
AG-5032-1812 AG50321812
BB-100606 BB100606
BB-100618 BB100618
BB-100806 BB100806
BB-100818 BB100818
BB-101006 BB101006
BB-101018 BB101018
BBC-080806 BBC080806
BBC-080818 BBC080818
BBC-100418 BBC100418
BBC-100618 BBC100618
BBC-100818 BBC100818
BBC-101018 BBC101018
BBL-100618 BBL100618
BBL-100818 BBL100818
BBL-101018 BBL101018
BBM-100618-1 BBM1006181
BBM-100618-2 BBM1006182
BBM-101018-1 BBM1010181
BBM-101018-2 BBM1010182
BC-240623 BC240623
BC-240823 BC240823
BC-241023 BC241023
BC-241223 BC241223
BC-241423 BC241423
BCC-220623 BCC220623
BCC-220823 BCC220823
BCC-221023 BCC221023
BCC-221223 BCC221223
BCC-221423 BCC221423
BE-1806 BE1806
BE-1808 BE1808
BE-1810 BE1810
BE-1812 BE1812
BE-1814 BE1814
BE-1816 BE1816
BER-2008 BER2008
BER-2010 BER2010
BF18120-NS/C BF18120NSC
BF18180-NS/C BF18180NSC
BF23180-NS/C BF23180NSC
BF23180-S/C BF23180SC
BF23230-NS/C BF23230NSC
BF23230-S/C BF23230SC
BNDL-2-001 BNDL2001
BNDL-2-002 BNDL2002
BNDL-2-003 BNDL2003
BNDL-2-005 BNDL2005
BNDL-2-006 BNDL2006
BNDL-3-003 BNDL3003
BNDL-3-004 BNDL3004
BNDL-3-005 BNDL3005
BNDL-5-001 BNDL5001
BNDL-5-002 BNDL5002
BNDL-5-003 BNDL5003
BNDL-3-006 BNDL3006
BP-200612 BP200612
BP-200812 BP200812
BP-200818 BP200818
BP-201018 BP201018
BP-201023 BP201023
BP-201218 BP201218
BPC-200612 BPC200612
BPC-200618 BPC200618
BPC-200812 BPC200812
BPC-200818 BPC200818
BPC-201018 BPC201018
BPC-201218 BPC201218
BTB-100209 BTB100209
BTB-100309 BTB100309
BTB-1201509 BTB1201509
BTB-120209 BTB120209
BTB-120309 BTB120309
BTB-120409 BTB120409
BTB-140309 BTB140309
BTB-140409 BTB140409
BTB-160609 BTB160609
BTB-160809 BTB160809
BTB-180609 BTB180609
BTB-200609 BTB200609
EGA-500E EGA500E
EGA-501E EGA501E
EGP-100E EGP100E
ML02-0134 ML020134
ML02-0147 ML020147
ML02-0148 ML020148
ML02-0159 ML020159
VDK-CD-11-230-P VDKCD11230P
VDK-CD-13-230-P VDKCD13230P
VDK-CD-16-230-P VDKCD16230P