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INNOVA™ E5 CMS Efficiency Endoscope Reprocessor

The new INNOVA™ E5 CMS Efficiency Reprocessor sets standards in hygiene, reliability and efficiency in endoscope reprocessing.

This is why more and more leading international universities, hospitals and reprocessing centres are choosing the INNOVA E5 CMS Efficiency AER.

  • 4 flexible endoscopes and/or 8 ENT devices per reprocessing procedure
  • For 30 to 70 endoscope reprocessing procedures daily
  • With advanced technology CMS (Channel Monitoring System)
The machine is one of the world’s most efficient AER
  • The INNOVA E5 CMS Reprocessor is the only AER which can reprocess 4 endoscopes at the same time
  • Cycle times under 30 minutes enable efficient processes* while still achieving the highest hygiene standards
  • With water consumption at full capacity of just 4.5 litres per endoscope and during rinsing, the device has significantly lower values than comparable AER
  • The optimised media consumption ensure low running costs
The INNOVA E5 CMS Reprocessor is also a leader in hygiene safety
  • The Channel Monitoring System even detects partial contamination and therefore ensures reliable cleanliness in each cycle
  • The cleaning results of the AER are significantly below the RKI guidelines, despite the short running times
  • Conformity to EN ISO 15883-1/-4 standards and the RKI guidelines ensures the long-term hygienically safe reprocessing of your instrument
The highest level of reliability every day
  • The basic model has proven itself over the last 10 years in the largest reprocessing centre in the world and has been continuously developed
  • Up to 98% uptime through online support

* With peracetic acid < 30 minutes run time. Time required depends on various individual reprocessing parameters, e.g. water quality, chemicals, etc.


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