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ENDOGATOR™ Irrigatieslang

Disposable GI Endoscopy Irrigation Solutions designed with patient safety in mind.

CANTEL is proud to provide ENDOGATOR™ Tubing and related supplies — the first cost-effective, completely disposable irrigation alternative to reusable irrigation tubing for GI Endoscopy.

ENDOGATOR™ Tubing was designed with patient safety in mind, to obtain the best disposable GI Endoscopy Solution possible:

Infection Prevention

As ENDOGATOR™ Tubing is a disposable product, there is no need for reprocessing. Therefore it reduces the risk of cross-contamination.


It was created to minimize reprocessing requirements and create consistent practices.


Furthermore ENDOGATOR™ Tubing uses CO2 or air insufflation and works with all irrigation pumps and sterile water bottle.

  • Products are universally compatible with any GI Endoscope or sterile water bottle.
  • Sterile 24-hour disposable tubing
  • Multiple patient use
  • Connects to any PENTAX®, OLYMPUS® or FUJIFILM™ endoscope
  • Rigid cap seals tightly for maximum efficiency
  • Eliminates manual cleaning and reprocessing of reusable tubing

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