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CLEANASCOPE™ Transport & Short Term Storage System

CLEANASCOPE™ Transport & Short Term Storage System The CLEANASCOPE™ Transport and Short Term Storage System protects your endoscopes and other delicate equipment by minimising direct handling and reducing contact with airborne contaminants during transport and short-term storage. Its patented design creates a protective environment for each disinfected scope. Green (clean) and red (contaminated) colour-coded liners … Continued

ENDODRY™ Storage and Drying System

NEW DESIGN, EASIER USABILITY – THE CASSETTE SYSTEM Designed specifically for use with ADVANTAGE PLUSTM Pass-Thru Reprocessor or INNOVA E4s CMS Reprocessor and ENDODRY™ Storage & Drying System: Cassettes now made from biocompatible polypropylene: even lighter and easier to use Hookup cassette is transported from reprocessor and inserts directly into shelf ventilation port – one … Continued

CANEXIS™ Integrated Workflow Solution for Sterilization

CANEXIS™ Integrated Workflow Solution for Surgical

SURESTORE™ Endoscope Storage & Transportation

endoSTORE™ Vertical Drying and Storage Cabinet

Protect Flexible Endoscopes From Damage The EndoSTORE Vertical Drying and Storage Cabinet works with a patented magnet system. It was specially created to eliminate free swinging of the distal tip and to protect the endoscope from damages. Improve Risk Management by Increased Data Management During Storage Integrated sensors and continuous data input provides detailed information … Continued

INNOVA™ E4s CMS Endoscope Reprocessor

INNOVA E4s CMS Reprocessor at a glance Complies with DIN EN 15883-1/-4 standards and RKI guidelines (e.g. by thermal disinfection of the final rinse water in machines with boilers) Combined with INNOVA™ E5 CMS Efficiency Endoscope Reprocessor or another INNOVA E4s CMS Reprocessor for highly efficient reprocessing solutions CMS – Single channel monitoring ensures reliable cleanliness in … Continued

INNOVA™ E5 CMS Efficiency Endoscope Reprocessor

RAPIDAER™ Reprocessor