CANEXIS™ Integrated Workflow Solution

CANEXIS™ Integrated Workflow Solution links data and decision making to support the efficient operation of your critical hospital departments. The fully-integrated functionality of our suite of modular products brings together disparate departmental software into one powerful tool. The fully-integrated suite of modular products consists of three modules to aid you in the efficient operation of your critical hospital departments.

  • CANEXIS™ Endoscopy Solution elevates all aspects of your endoscopy department’s operations. This includes;
    • In-the-moment Endoscope Traceability
    • Integrated Procedure Documentation
    • Predictive Reprocessing Workflow Support
    • Endoscope Storage Time Management
  • CANEXIS™ Sterilization Solution provides all the necessary tools for the complete management of your central sterile services department. This includes; • Track and Trace
    • Process Guidance and Monitoring
    • Cycle Documentation
    • Loaned Equipment Management
  • CANEXIS™ Surgical Solution supports the efficient operation of one of the most complex departments inside the hospital. This includes;
    • OR Planning
    • Integrated Procedure Documentation
    • Single-Use Product Tracking
    • Real-Time Department Monitoring

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