Drogen & Bewaren

"Accurate endoscope drying is crucial, whereas a humid environment facilitates microbial growth during storage. The final drying steps greatly reduce the risk of remaining pathogens as well as the possibility of recontamination of the endoscope by waterborne microorganisms such as Pseudomonas spp"1. Bacteriën vormen een belangrijk risico tijdens het transport en het bewaren van endoscopen. Cantel's transport-, doorgeef- en opslagoplossingen zijn ontworpen om endoscopen te beschermen, kruisbesmetting te reduceren en vocht in de endoscoop kanalen te elimineren.

  • The transport is the source of numerous damages of the endoscopes. Therefore a safe transport of your precious invetary is essential to prevent high repair costs. As well as a protected transport in closed tubs with sterile foils will avoir the recontamination of your endoscopes. Cantel offers CLEANASCOPE™ Carts, made to minimize direct handling and reduce contact with airborne contaminants.
  • Cantel offers innovative concepts for horizontal and hanging storageOur Endoscope Drying Cabinet provides full traceability and is well known for its reliability, high performance and full compliance with EN 16442.
  • SURESTORE™ Long Term Storage and Transport System, which offers validated long term aseptic storage for flexible endoscopes – up to 100 days!

Explore our solutions for transport and storage systems below.


1 Kovaleva J., Peters FT, van der Mei HC, Degener JE, Transmission of Infection by Flexible Gastrointestinal Endoscopy and Bronchoscopy, Clinical Microbiology Reviews, 2013

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