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VALVE BASKET™ Single Use Valve Basket

Easy, safe and effective reprocessing of your reusable endoscope valves

With its simple twist-loop design, the VALVE BASKET™ Single-Use Basket attaches your reusable valves to the endoscope and keeps each unique set of equipment together throughout the reprocessing cycle. VALVE BASKET™ Single-Use Basket’s patented design ensures safe and effective decontamination, representing a major step forward compared to “tea strainers” and metal baskets, which can become a haven for debris and bio burden.

  • Inexpensive, light weight and easy to store
  • Enables effective flow of detergents, disinfectants and water around the valves
  • Click-lock catch secures valves to prevent inadvertent re-use


Single-Use MEDIVATORS VALVEBASKET attaches your reusable valves to the endoscope

Valves (including rinsing valves) should stay with a named endoscope as a set, to prevent cross infection and enable full traceability [23], pg. 951
Beilenhoff U et al. ESGE–ESGENA guideline: Cleaning and disinfection in gastrointestinal endoscopy 2008; 40: 939–957 (can be found on the www.esge.com website.)

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