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Surface Cleaning and Disinfection

As a chemical manufacturing company, we have specially designed our surface cleaning and disinfection’s products to answer the needs of the users and for our technology, such as drying cabinets and transport systems. High hygiene results, patient’s safety and users ergonomy are the subjects that we consider to be crucial.

As it was mentioned by the World Organisation of Digestive Endoscopy, the  “Contaminated areas where accessories and specimens are handled should be separated from clean counter areas. All contaminated areas must be cleaned and decontaminated between patients with an Environmental protection Agency (EPA) registered Hospital grade disinfectant appropriate for the specific microorganism ” (Colonoscopy: principles and practice, JD Waye, DK Rex, CB Williams, 2008).

If you wish to receive the products documentation (IFU, SDS, TDS, etc.), please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

Our solutions for surface cleaning and disinfection of your endoscope drying and storage equipment:

INTERCEPT™ Wipes provide superior cleaning of surfaces, as the drying & storage cabinets or the transport systems. The ready-to-use detergent wipes come in a canister of 100 pre-saturated towelettes, with four canisters to a case. The wipes are durable, lint-free and appropriately sized for ease of use. Use these environmentally responsible wipes to keep your equipment and counters free from soils. Intercept Wipes are safe to use.

The ready-to-use wipes are pre-saturated with clinically tested INTERCEPT detergent for convenient and cost effective removal of soils from endoscopes, instruments, equipments and counter tops.


  • Lint-free, durable and highly absorbent wipes provide superior cleaning of equipment surfaces
  • Large 7'x10' wipe increases surface area and delivers a ready-to-use detergent solution in every sheet
  • The low cost-per-use standardizes practices and saves money
  • Eliminates the need for costly sponges

The BACTRYL™ Spray & Wipes is a detergent, disinfecting product for cleaning and disinfection of surfaces and invasive and non-invasive Medical Devices. The BACTRYL™ Spray & Wipes have a broad spectrum of activity, in everyday usage : fungicidal, mycobactericidal, virucidal and bactericidal. It reduces biofilm and is fully compatible with all surfaces and medical devices. BACTRYL Spray & Wipes provide cleaning and intermediate level disinfection.


  • Ready-to-use cleaning and disinfecting solution
  • Effective fast
  • No dilution needed
  • User friendly with a pleasant smell
  • Packaging: BACTRYL is available in two formats:
  • Spray Bottle 1000 ml
  • Tube with 110 wipes

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