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RAPID Workflow, Optimise your reprocessing

A complete workflow for the optimization of your reprocessing. Do you recognize the challenges below:

  • Increasing workload
  • Lack of capacity
  • Long-lasting cleaning and disinfection cycles
  • Too many actions and handling with the endoscope
  • Inefficient processes

With RAPID Workflow, Cantel has a suitable solution for these challenges. With this integrated workflow consisting of three proven and reliable technologies, actions are minimised, endoscope handling are reduced and processes are optimised. Read below how this can be achieved.

What to expect from RAPID Workflow?
  • Speed:
    • Reprocess 3 endoscopes per hour.*
    • Load endoscopes outside AER for maximum efficiency and comfort
  • Size:
    • Single-bay design for install flexibility
    • Compact footprint: width 60cm
    • Maximise capacity without sacrificing quality 
  • Performance:
    • Reduce endoscope handling
    • Limit instrument damage touchpoints
    • Minimise cross-contamination 

More about the system:
After manual cleaning, the endoscope is connected in the cassette by various connectors. Staff can connect the endoscope at an ergonomically correct height. After that, the cassette is placed in the basin and connected to the connector in the machine with one simple click. The RAPID workflow cassettes are compatible with all types of endoscopes!

*This can be achieved when the machine is connected according to the installation requirements.

RAPID Workflow – 3 proven technologies 1 integrated solution
  • RAPIDAER™Endoscope Reprocessor:
    • The fasted and most compact pass-through reprocessor
    • Numbers speak for themselves:
      • 550+ European installations
      • More than 4 million endoscopes cleaned and disinfected

RAPID Workflow is the fasted and easiest solution to optimise your endoscope reprocessing process. Working comfort is increased by the ergonomic advantages of this system. It's compact footprint makes it the ideal solution for endoscopy departments of all sizes!

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Discover the RAPID Workflow virtually with our Augmented Reality App

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With our Augmented Reality App you can now place a virtual AER or Drying and Storage cabinet in your real life endoscopy department. This App enables you to get an idea of what it looks like to work with our equipment. You can place multiple units of the same machines in a room to see how many fit in, or you can make a complete workflow by combining the different systems.

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RAPID Workflow, Optimise your reprocessing

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