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INNOVA™ E4s CMS Endoscope Reprocessor

The latest generation of the INNOVA™ E4s CMS Pass-Through Reprocessor with capacity for 2 endoscopes and innovative Channel Monitoring System (CMS) offers the right solution for the highest level of hygiene safety. The INNOVA E4s CMS AER is now used worldwide in leading reprocessing centres all over the world, since many years. Produced in Germany, this AER represents a very efficient and flexible solution. The INNOVA E4s CMS Reprocessor has a low media consumption and high capacity.

The INNOVA E4s CMS Reprocessor presents an unbeatable cleanliness and hygiene in each cycle. Through the CMS system (Channel Monitoring System), it measures the highest precision of flow control. This AER is compliant with DIN EN 15883-1/-4 standards and RKI guidelines.

The INNOVA E4s CMS Reprocessor has a continuous process support thanks to extensive online support: Up to 70% fewer service calls due to remote maintenance access. The INNOVA™ E4 CMS AER basic model has been successfully used in CSSDs around the world and repeatedly further developed since 2005.

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INNOVA E4s CMS Reprocessor at a glance
  • Complies with EN ISO 15883-1/-4/-5 standards and RKI guidelines (e.g. by thermal disinfection of the final rinse water in machines with boilers)
  • Combined with INNOVA E4s CMS Reprocessor for highly efficient reprocessing solutions
  • CMS – Single channel monitoring ensures reliable cleanliness in every cycle
  • Ideal for all conventional endoscopes from FUJIFILM™, OLYMPUS®, PENTAX®, STORZ®, WOLF®, etc.*
  • Automatic leak test throughout the entire reprocessing programme
  • Continuous process support thanks to extensive online support and software-based remote maintenance
  • Secure traceability in each cycle via the documentation of the individual process parameters
  • Simple integration into a wide range of hospital systems and tracking software. Transfer of endoscope and process parameters possible

* Please note the manufacturer information on the mechanical reprocessing of your instruments

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