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Detergents & High-Level Disinfectants

CANTEL manufactures and sells a number of effective and easy to use detergents and high-level disinfectants (HLD’s), which can be used in the AER, for manual reprocessing of endoscopes or sterilization. All our detergents and HLD’s are:

  • Fully compliant to most updated ISO EN Standards and Guidelines
  • Fully validated “in use” conditions and in combination with the related AER
  • Designed and optimized to achieve the best result and still remain environmentally conscious
  • Safe for operators and patients

Cantel is both a chemistry and equipment manufacturer and provides an integrated chemistry-reprocessing system solution. A single supplier for chemistry and AER guarantees the best reliability of the system and maintenance.

To achieve a successful reprocessing and guarantee safety for operators and patients it is critical that the detergent and high-level disinfectant is tested in combination with the endoscope automated reprocessor and under “usage” conditions and according to international standards. This is the only way to ensure efficacy and repeatability of the high level disinfection, dosing, contact time and overall system reliability. Therefore our:

  • High-Level disinfectants can be used in manual reprocessing and are compliant with ISO EN-14885.
  • Detergents and high-level disinfectants are tested extensively on our AER's to guarantee reproducible dosing and successful high-level disinfection in actual operating conditions and in presence of interfering circumstances. These tests are made in compliance with ISO EN-15883 1-4-5. (ESGE – ESGENA 2018)
  • Detergents and high-level disinfectants are compatible and any detergent residue carried over into the disinfectant solution does not impair the microbiological efficacy of the disinfectant. (ESGE – ESGENA 2018)
  • Detergents and high-level disinfectants are compatible with endoscopes and endoscope components, endoscopic accessories, Cantel reprocessing equipment and construction material. (ESGE – ESGENA 2018)

Cantel is both a chemistry and equipment manufacturer and provides an extensive range of integrated chemistry-reprocessing system solutions. A single supplier for chemistry and automated reprocessing equipment guarantees the best reliability of the system, a consistent maintenance and value for clients.

If you wish to receive additional product documentation (IFU, SDS, TDS, etc.) do not hesitate to get in Contact with us.

Disinfectants for cleaning and disinfection of AER

RAPICIDE™ PA High-Level Disinfectant and Sterilant is a single-use, peracetic acid-based solution designed and validated according to EN 15883 for use in combination with Intercept Plus Detergent or Proteazone PLUS Detergent in the ADVANTAGE PLUS™ Automated Endoscope ReprocessorsISA™ Endoscope Reprocessor, INNOVA E3s CMS Reprocessor, E4s CMS Reprocessor & E5 CMS Reprocessor. It is used at room temperature and is environmentally responsible for the presence of PAA with no neutralization issues.


  • High-Level Disinfection Claim: 5 minutes at 20°C
  • Rapicide PA is compliant with testing methodologies according to EN 14885
  • Proven endoscope compatibility; low HLD temperature specifically designed for endoscope materials
  • Single-use chemistry; aldehyde-free
  • Environmentally responsible – breaks down into water and vinegar
  • Minimum recommended concentration (MRC) is 850ppm of PAA
  • Effectively kills TB, hepatitis viruses, Clostridium difficile, VRE and MRSA
  • RAPICIDE™ PA Test Strips RAPICIDE™ PA Test Strips are used to measure the minimum recommended concentration (MRC) of RAPICIDE™ PA High-Level Disinfectant



The cold chemical sterilant/high level disinfectant ISASPOR™ Single Shot Disinfectant has been developed to guarantee a safe and reliable process together with high compatibility with all endoscope brands.


  • Synergic action of ISAZONE™ Activator and Peracetic Acid (PAA)
  • Sterilization claim according to EN ISO 14937 at room temperature in 10 minutes
  • High-Level Disinfection in 5 minutes at room temperature in compliance with EN ISO 14885
  • Single-use chemistry; aldehyde-free
  • Specifically designed for use in combination with ISACLEAN™ Detergent in the ISA™ Endoscope Reprocessor
  • To achieve the highest hygiene results, we recommend using for the Manual Cleaning of the endoscope, ISACLEAN™ Detergent, PROTEAZONE™ Detergent or INTERCEPT™ Detergent.

Sterilization solution formulated with Peracetic Acid & Diazaadamantane (ISAZONETM MOLECULE) with conformity to UNI EN ISO 14937 par. 5.3.l in l O minutes. tested under dirty and clean conditions. as required by UNI EN 14885.


• Clinically and toxicologically tested
• Microbiological activity tests are performed in clean and dirty conditions
to ensure highest safety standards for patients and operators
• Effecting controlled slow release of active oxygen
• Adjustment/coordination of Peracetic Acid (PAA) action & reaction
• Neutral pH (4-6) and low PAA concentration in compare to generic PAA chemistries
• Efficient sterilization at ambient temperature
and high compatibility

Detergents for AER

ISACLEAN™ Detergent is a detergent decontaminant solution designed specifically to eliminate effectively biological and organic soils in invasive and non-invasive medical devices prior high level disinfection.


  • Active and tested against microbial biofilm
  • 4 enzymes active against proteins, lipids/fats, carbohydrates, cellular components
  • Unique formula thanks to the presence of ISAZONE™ Activator (patented new microbiological agent)
  • Low temperature and neutral pH meets compatibility criteria for established endoscope manufacturers.
  • Low foaming solution specifically developed for manual cleaning or in combination with Isaspor High-Level Disinfectant & Sterilant in ISA™ Endoscope Reprocessor.

INTERCEPT Detergent is a unique surfactant based, formulation specifically developed for manual or automated cleaning of endoscopes, surgical instruments, and accessories. The concentrated solution has a fast contact time and low use concentration to save your facility time and money. INTERCEPT Detergent meets European Guidelines for effective manual cleaning.

  • Validated to provide superior removal of biological and organic soils found on instruments
  • Effectively aids in the removal of biofilm
  • Low foaming and neutral pH formulation is tough on organic soils, while safe on instruments
  • Cost-effective, concentrated formula reduces per-use costs
  • Fast contact time, 1-3 minutes, increases reprocessing efficiencies
  • Environmentally responsible and biodegradable chemistry

INTERCEPT™ PLUS Detergent is specifically developed for automated cleaning of endoscopes and accessories. INTERCEPT PLUS Detergent is a medical grade detergent tested to pass the most stringent cleaning protocols including ISO 15883-5 and Tosi FlexCheck strips. It is specially designed to be used in the ADVANTAGE™ PLUS Pass-Thru Reprocessor. It can also be used in a sink.


  • Provides the best removal of biological and organic soils
  • Low foaming and pH > 11.5 meets criteria for all endoscope manufacturers
  • Three minute contact time
  • Cost-effective, concentrated formula reduces per-use cost
  • Blue-tint for easy identification of dispensed detergent
  • Environmentally responsible and biodegradable

PROTEAZONE™ PLUS Detergent & Cleaner is an enzymatic cleaning solution, slightly alkaline, for cleaning of medical devices in washing systems/equipment, according to manufacturer’s instructions. Suitable for cleaning of full immersion endoscopes, related accessories and surgical instruments. It is effective and active on various types of biofilms and organic residues. Extensively tested, PROTEAZONE™ PLUS Detergent & Cleaner's quality exceeds the requirements of ISO 15883/5 standard /annex I, R, E, L) and ÖGSV Guideline. If used according to the instructions of the washing equipment manufacturer, it guarantees a level of residual protein under 100 µg per endoscope, right after cleaning. PROTEAZONE PLUS can be used in combination with RAPICIDE™ PA High-Level Disinfectant in the INNOVA E3s CMS Reprocessor, E4s CMS Reprocessor & E5 CMS Reprocessor.


  • Ingredients: Surfactants and Enzymes
  • Low foaming and pH 10.5-11.5 meets criteria for all endoscope manufacturers
  • Dosage 0.5%  |  Temperature: 25-40°C  |  Contact time: 3min in automated reprocesses maximizes cycle efficiency.
  • Fully compatible with PAA (no acid-based reaction expected)
  • Provides optimal removal of biological and organic soils
  • Validated vs 5 different soils in compliance with EN ISO 15883-5  Annex I, E,L,R,őGSV
  • No-hazardous Detergent, safe for operators and for storage and transportation. According to Regulation (EC) 1272/2008 (CLP) and Regulation (EC) 2015/830

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