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The endoSTORE™ BHT is a drying cabinet for horizontal storage of flexible endoscopes.

  • The efficient drying cabinet for centralized and decentralized storage
  • Storage system for up to eight flexible endoscopes.
  • Increased patient safety and time saving through NoTouch basket system.
  • Compliant to standard DIN EN 16442:2015.

Improved handling through NoTouch basket system.

  • Time saving and increased efficiency during the entire process.
  • Easy transport of up to four single baskets between patient, AER and drying cabinet with the endo RIDER®.
  • Endoscope protection through completely closable and disinfectable transport tubs.
  • Safe and simple: Together with the instruments NoTouch baskets are insertable into the cabinet.
  • Prevention of touching the endoscope
    once again.


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