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ENDOGATOR™ Hybrid Tubing

The premium infection prevention of the ENDO SMARTCAP™ Tubing and ENDOGATOR™ Irrigation Tubing have been combined into one innovative solution: ENDOGATOR™ Hybrid Tubing.

Utilizing a single water bottle for dual function, the cutting edge technology of the ENDOGATOR™ Hybrid Tubing maintains the superior patient safety standards GI Endoscopy has come to expect from Cantel.

With ENDOGATOR™ Hybrid Tubing, you can use either room air or CO2 for insufflation. The Hybrid Tubing delivers humidified CO2 which can help prevent the mucosa from drying out during procedures. ENDOGATOR™ Hybrid Tubing has a soft design that prevents scope port damage.

  • Fits any sterile water bottle
  • 24-hour disposable tubing
  • Eliminates manual cleaning and reprocessing of reusable water bottle and tubing
  • Prevents potential cross-contamination due to elimination of reprocessing steps

The ENDOGATOR™ Hybrid Tubing is available in quantities of 30 per box for OLYMPUS® 140/160/180 series endoscopes with the following:

  • OLYMPUS OFP or ENDOSTAT™ II Pump Irrigation Units (100609S)
  • OLYMPUS AFU-100, OLYMPUS OFP, EGP-100 or ERBE® EIP2 Irrigation Units (100610S)
  • PENTAX GI Endoscopes with PENTAX EGP-100P, EGP-100 or ERBE® Irrigation Units (100608S)

At Cantel we are aware of our responsibility to take care of people as well as the environment. DEHP is a synthetic chemical used to make plastics more flexible. During the last several years we’ve worked on developing our products without the use of DEHP. By choosing products that are not made with PVC and DEHP, we can help eliminate potential toxins and other safety hazards that could affect your staff, patients and the environment. Customers can expect the same performance, reliability and functionality of these products without any visual changes. We are proud to announce that our DEHP-free products*  are now launching!
*upon availability

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