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ENDO STRATUS™ CO2 and Irrigation Pump

Simple Change, Significant Improvement

Carbon dioxide has been proven to minimise patient discomfort associated with bloating and cramping from room air.1 The ENDO STRATUS™ CO2 Insufflator allows clinicians to provide optimal procedure comfort for the patient:

  • Improved caecal intubation rate 2
  • Larger intubation depths of the small intestine 3
  • Reduction in nurse’s attention
Improved Visualisation and Patient Comfort

Deliver irrigation for GI endoscope procedures with a warm water option by utilizing the ENDO STRATUS™ Irrigation Pump. Combine the pump with any GI endoscope. It irrigates through the auxiliary water jet or biopsy channel to improve procedural visibility:

  • Less discomfort, pain and bloating 2,4,5
  • Shorter recovery times 5
  • Reduction of gas distension
  • Faster absorption than ambient air
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