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DSD 201™

Automated endoscope reprocessor features two fully-independent and asynchronous reprocessing basins for high-volume, quick endoscope turnaround. The DSD-201LT has user-programmable reprocessing cycles, and an enhanced sensor package for continuous monitoring of all cycle parameters. Additional reprocessor features include: automated endoscope leak testing, a user-selectable wash cycle for endoscope cleaning, automatic alcohol purge and air drying of endoscope channels, and an optional data management system for electronic cycle tracking and record keeping. System design self-disinfects internal fluid lines during every cycle, and a log printout documents all test results. A three-stage water pre-filtration system reduces particulate matter and provides certified bacteria-free water for endoscope rinsing. The DSD-201LT includes heated disinfectant reservoirs, air compressors, printer, water pre-filtration system, and one set of air, water and disinfectant filters.


  • Fast cycle time for quick endoscope turnaround
  • Two basins for simultaneous or independent cycles
  • Cycle parameters continuously monitored
  • Leak test ensures endoscope protection throughout cycle
  • Automated alcohol flush and air dry
  • Uses single-use RAPICIDE PA High-Level Disinfectant (HLD)
  • RAPICIDE PA HLD is environmentally responsible and requires no neutralization
  • Audible and visual alarms for reprocessing cycle deficiency
  • Assures patient and operator safety
  • Cycle customization meets specific reprocessing needs
  • Bacteria retentive three-stage water filtration system
  • Compatible with all current models of endoscopes, including those with elevator wire channels
  • Printed documentation of all reprocessing cycle data
  • Vapor management system optional

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