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DEFENDO™ Single Use Cleaning Adapter

The DEFENDO™ Single Use Cleaning Adapter for OLYMPUS® endoscopes is used after the endoscopy procedure to flush the air/water channel. It’s important to start the bedside cleaning directly after the procedure. Ideally you start the bedside clean with wiping and flushing the endoscope with one of our bedside cleaning kits. After the initial wipe and flush, you take out the DEFENDO™ Single Use procedure valve from the air/water channel and change it for the DEFENDO™ Single Use Cleaning Adapter. For a further explanation on how to use the Cleaning Adapter, please watch the video below.

During the bedside clean you aim to remove as much bio-burden as possible to prevent the formation of biofilm. Biofilm will protect underlying bacteria from chemicals that are used to clean the endoscope. A well performed bedside clean will prepare the endoscope for further steps in the manual clean and reprocessing process.

Benefits of the DEFENDO™ Single Use Cleaning Adapter
  • Preventing biofilm formation
  • Eliminate manual cleaning and reprocessing of reusable valves
  • Help create consistent practices
  • Reduce the potential for errors
  • Improve patient safety


DEFENDO™ Single Use Cleaning Adapter

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