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Bedside Cleaning & Disinfection

Infection prevention and control in the procedure room is critical to prevent cross contamination between patients. Proper bedside cleaning and disinfection is crucial to optimize the equipment disinfection steps that follow. Therefore Cantel’s pre-cleaning solutions are designed to be compatible with manual detergent chemistries. For a better and optimized performance, we suggest to use them in combination with Cantel’s manual cleaning equipment and products.

Bedside cleaning & disinfection kits

Each bedside kit comes with a liquid solution, single-use container to flush the endoscope channel and with a sponge. For this application we offer both ready-to-use solutions, sachets or wipes. Cantel bedside's kit products are compatible with the constructive material of endoscopes. The ESGENA recommends1 "Bedside cleaning of the endoscope should start immediately after the endoscope has been withdrawn from the patient, in order to:

  • Remove debris from external and internal surfaces;
  • Prevent any drying of body fluids, blood, or debris;
  • Reduce any build-up of bio burden or growth of biofilms;
  • Carry out a first check for correct functioning of the endoscope channels."

Disinfection of general surfaces

Besides a range of bedside cleaning and disinfection products Cantel also offers a range of range of products used to disinfect and clean general surfaces in the procedure room. Our products are compatible with the constructive material of endoscopes, dental chairs, equipment and hospital general surfaces.

If you wish to receive the products documentation (IFU, SDS, TDS, etc.), please do not hesitate to get in contact with us.

1 Beilenhoff U. & Al., Reprocessing of flexible endoscopes and endoscopic accessories used in gastrointestinal endoscopy: ESGE – ESGENA Position Statement – Update 2018

Solutions for cleaning and disinfection of endoscopes in the procedure room

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