Bank holiday planning-2022

At Cantel we always strive to provide our partners and customers the best possible service. Therefore we'd like to share with you our bank holiday planning for 2022. During these days our office will be closed. To . . .

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Causes of damage to endoscopes

Minimize the number of damaged endoscopes

During Cantel's Educational Online Lunch session (in Benelux), in collaboration with the company “Rescope”, common damage to endoscopes, their causes and possible solutions to minimize damage were discussed. Because of the . . .

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Automated endoscope reprocessing

The automated reprocessing of endoscopes is the last step in the whole cleaning process. Removal of the last bacteria is the end goal of the automated reprocessing stage. But, automated reprocessing can only be successful if . . .

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How important is the Manual Clean?

When the endoscopic procedure has been completed, the outside and all channels of the endoscope are highly contaminated. The entire endoscope needs to be thoroughly cleaned so that the endoscope can be used safely on . . .

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