CANEXIS™ Integrated Workflow Solution

CANEXIS™ Integrated Workflow Solution links data and decision making to support the efficient operation of your critical hospital departments. The fully integrated functionality of our suite of modular products brings together disparate departmental software into one powerful tool. The fully integrated suite of modular products consists of three modules to aid you in the efficient operation of your critical hospital departments.

  • CANEXIS™ Endoscopy Solution elevates all aspects of your endoscopy department’s operations. This includes;
    • In-the-moment Endoscope Traceability
    • Integrated Procedure Documentation
    • Predictive Reprocessing Workflow Support
    • Endoscope Storage Time Management
  • CANEXIS™ Sterilization Solution provides all the necessary tools for the complete management of your central sterile services department. This includes;
    • Track and Trace
    • Process Guidance and Monitoring
    • Cycle Documentation
    • Loaned Equipment Management
  • CANEXIS™ Surgical Solution supports the efficient operation of one of the most complex departments inside the hospital. This includes;
    • OR Planning
    • Integrated Procedure Documentation
    • Single-Use Product Tracking
    • Real-Time Department Monitoring

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