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ESCAD Medical becomes Cantel (Production) Germany GmbH

As of June 1, 2018, ESCAD Medical officially becomes Cantel (Production) Germany GmbH. The US company Cantel had taken over the BHT Group and thus also ESCAD Medical last summer.

Managing Directors of the new Cantel (Production) Germany GmbH are Andreas Quistorf and David Rosen, who also manage Cantel (Germany) GmbH and BHT Hygienetechnik GmbH. The headquarters of Cantel (Production) Germany GmbH will remain in Heiligenberg. Apart from the name change everything remains as before for the ESCAD Medical customers.

The Cantel (Production) Germany GmbH specializes in storage and transport systems in endoscopy and a high-quality repair service for endoscopes. In addition, plans for new projects or conversions into endoscopic facilities and validations of your RDG-Es are part of the product portfolio. All “Made in Germany”-products are manufactured directly on site according to German quality standards. Thanks to the spirit of innovation and years of experience, cabinet systems such as the endoSTORE® neo, endoSTORE® one-click and endoSTORE® vertical have already won numerous awards.