About Cantel

Cantel is a leading provider of infection prevention products and services in the healthcare market, specializing in the following operating segments:

CANTEL Endoscopy Infection control prevention


Endoscopy procedure disposables include single-use valves and irrigation tubing. Medical device reprocessing systems, disinfectants, detergents and other supplies are used to disinfect high-level endoscopes.

CANTEL Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Water purification systems for dialysis facilities, including hemodialysis dialyzer and reprocessing systems, as well as sterilants and filtration products. This segment is operated through Mar Cor Purification, Inc. and MEDIVATORS.

Cantel Dental


Single-use, infection prevention products used primarily in the dental market including face masks, sterilization pouches, towels and bibs, tray covers, saliva ejectors, germicidal wipes and disinfectants. This segment is operated through Crosstex International, Inc.


For more information on Cantel, please read our FY18 Annual Report here.

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