ADVANTAGE PLUS™ Pass-Thru Endoscope Reprocessing System

  • Advanced pass-through design
  • Fast and efficient turnover
  • Hands-free operation
  • Built on proven ADVANTAGE PLUS technology

Cantel offers a unique reprocessing system that fully integrates the highest standards in infection prevention and control with protection and security for flexible endoscope management.

The ADVANTAGE PLUS™ Pass-Thru Reprocessor, built upon the proven ADVANTAGE PLUS Reprocessor platform, answers highest requirements of endoscopy units and “Centers of Excellence” worldwide. With its pass-thru capability and integrated smart technology for fast, asynchronous reprocessing utilizing touch-free operation and reduced scope handling, it allows the reprocessing of 4-5 scopes in just over one hour.

Together with its unique modular design, this fast and efficient endoscope reprocessing turnover makes the ADVANTAGE PLUS Pass-Thru Reprocessor the solution of choice for high volume facilities with possible future growth potential.



Designed specifically for use with ADVANTAGE PLUS™ Pass-Thru Reprocessor and ENDODRY™ Storage & Drying System:

  • Cassettes now made from biocompatible polypropylene: even lighter and easier to use
  • Hookup cassette is transported from reprocessor and inserts directly into shelf ventilation port – one simple connection; maximizes efficiency and saves time





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